Month: November 2018

Book Review – Ghosted


Ghosted is about Sarah and Eddie’s incredible week together before Sarah is ghosted. They’d instantly fallen in love and then Eddie fell off the face of the earth. Sarah’s left searching, wondering what to do, and being convinced by her friends that she needs to just give him up. She can’t seem to let go before she eventually learns there’s a reason for his disappearance, and now she’s faced with the hard task of sharing the truth. 

Book Review – All You Can Ever Know

All You Can Ever Know

All You Can Ever Know is Nicole Chung’s story, told in memoir fashion, of growing up as both an adoptee and a minority. Nicole was born 10 weeks premature and domestically adopted upon NICU discharge. She grew up an only child in a community where Asians were scarce. Like any adoptee, she always wondered about her biological family – are they still out there? Why did they give her up? What place do they have in her life?

Book Review – An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing

An Absolutely Remarkable Thing is the story of April May’s discovery of a large, not-from-this-world robot-type of sculpture in Manhattan in the middle of the night. She and her friend, Andy Skampt, film and post a silly video on YouTube of their “interactions” with the sculpture, whom April names Carl. The video goes viral overnight, making April a celebrity and changing the path of her life because, all over the world, Carls seemed to have appeared in major cities at the exact same time. How does April deal with the fame of being one of the first to interact with Carl? Where does she go from here? And what, on earth, are the Carls?

What is 69 Days?

What is 69 Days?

Remember reading about Oaklee’s date of discharge – the happiest day of my life? Or do you remember reading the post “Homegoings” from the very next day? Those heavy hitters seem so long ago, but that’s what 69 days feels like. Just short of 10 weeks, it’s almost 1/5 of a year, 1/20 of my husband’s and my marriage, an entire summer… My greatest mental battle in those 69 days was knowing we would never get those 69 days back…

Too Premature

Too Premature

I wanted to roll over in the middle of the night, pick up my hungry baby, breastfeed her and set her back down to sleep. Instead, I was going downstairs, pumping, washing pump parts, storing breastmilk, heating a bottle, waking my sleeping baby and giving her a bottle. There are tons of women who do this, some even do it by choice, but it is not what I wanted. 

Book Review – Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand

Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

Major Pettigrew’s Last Stand is the story of retired, widowed Major Ernest Pettigrew who lives a quiet, ordinary life in the English countryside until a friendship blossoms between him and widowed shopkeeper, Mrs. Ali. The Major, Mrs. Ali and the community around them are forced to consider the consequences of crossing racial and class divides, breaking culture and tradition.