Book Review – The Rabbit Girls

The Rabbit Girls

The Rabbit Girls takes place in the days revolving around the fall of the Berlin Wall as Miriam Winter discovers an Auschwitz tattoo on her dying father’s wrist. History is being written as Miriam must dive back into a different history and uncover the clues to her father’s past found in a uniform stashed in his apartment believed to have belonged to a “Frieda”. What happened to Henryk? Who is Frieda? And what does this mean for Miriam?

Book Review – The Mars Room

The Mars Room

The Mars Room is a fictional glimpse into the women’s prison life of Romy Hall. Facing two consecutive life sentences, Romy leaves behind the world as she knew it, including her son, and enters into a world where women will do whatever they can to get by in a system set against them. As they face the consequences of their actions, they’re up against the cruelties of prison – the grunt jobs they have to work for mere cents per hour, the violence from guards and fellow prisoners, being given minimal essentials, etc.

Book Review – Ask Again, Yes

Ask Again, Yes

Ask Again, Yes tells the story of two intertwining families who share a decades-long bond through their patriarchal careers, their being neighbors, their tragedies and a marriage. From their upbringings to their personalities to the events of their personal lives, the Gleesons and Stanhopes are forever tied to each other yet forever in contention given their differences and the events that unfold. Can they move on from where they’ve been? Can their children break the mold of the past? Will their children even understand their pasts as adults?

Book Review – Wild Game

Wild Game

Wild Game: My Mother, Her Lover, and Me is Adrienne Brodeur’s true story of the night her mother woke her up to tell her that a man – one who wasn’t her husband – had kissed her and the events that unfold thereafter. Adrienne was 14 when her mom did this, but it set the trajectory for an unusual mother/daughter relationship for the rest of their lives.

Book Review – Color Me In

Color Me In

Color Me In is the multi-racial story of Nevaeh Levitz in some of the most formative times of her life. Nevaeh is half black, half Jewish and white-presenting. Not only does she struggle to identify a culture that is true to who she is, she struggles to understand who she is in general. And then her parents split, taking their respective cultures and separating them once again, causing Nevaeh to discover, grapple with, and lean into the cultures that make her uniquely Nevaeh Levitz.

Book Review – Miracle Creek

Miracle Creek

Miracle Creek is about a group of people who find themselves tangled up in what appears to be a murder mystery. United by their common usage of the Miracle Submarine, a hyperbaric chamber of a treatment facility, this particular treatment group is forever tied when tragedy ensues. An explosion happens mid-treatment, killing two people and injuring others. The fire appears to have been intentional, but who could have done it? Who had the motive? Who had the supplies and knowledge to make it happen? It’s a story that keeps both the reader and the characters guessing as more and more information is revealed.

Book Review – A Prayer for Owen Meany

A Prayer for Owen Meany

A Prayer for Owen Meany is about the friendship between Owen Meany and John Wheelwright after Owen Meany murders John’s mom via an accidental, Little League foul ball at the age of 11. Naturally, their lives are forever changed – John is parentless and Owen believes he is God’s instrument. Together, they navigate some of their most formative years in the wake of this tragedy, maintaining the deepest of friendships.

Book Review – The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers

The Simple Faith of Mister Rogers

The Simple Faith of Mr. Rogers: Spiritual Insights from the World’s Most Beloved Neighbor is a look into the life and faith of Fred Rogers. A deeply spiritual man, Mister Rogers preached the gospel, while very infrequently using words to do so. Author, Amy Hollingsworth, had the opportunity to interview Mister Rogers in regards to his unique and gentle approach to evangelism through media. She built a relationship with him that continued on until his death and gleaned, like thousands of people across the nation, spiritual insights that have changed her life which she shares in this book.