Book Review – Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace

Sorry about all the extra posts – who knew I could read so many books in a year? Hang tight, one more post coming this year!

And finally, my last book of the year. I won this one on Goodreads and it has all the making to be a book that I would love – memoir, motherhood, foster care – three things I’m very intrigued by.

Book 54:
Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace: A True Story
by Debra Moerke


October 2019

Synopsis According to Mandi:
Without spoilers, Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace is Debra Moerke’s true story of the stations God has called her to in life, be it a profession, a relational role, or a major traumatic hurdle. Debra and her husband had fostered numerous children, but none affected her life quite so much as the Bower children did. When tragedy strikes, and the Bower children’s mother, Karen, calls from prison asking a colossal favor of the Moerkes, Debra has to decide whether she’s all in for what she believes or not. Can she extend a miraculous amount of grace from one of the darkest episodes of her life? What does this mean for her family? And how can you even move forward from such a traumatic mile-marker?

Favorite Quote(s):

“My encouragement was to not wait for government agencies to do the work of caring for people around us. We can be a part of changing lives by showing we care and demonstrating that with love and action.”

“Suddenly, I realized I had no business wrestling with Karen’s sin. I had my own to deal with. Like Paul the apostle, I do what I don’t want to do and don’t do what I should. And yet, like me, Karen had the promise from God to forgive her and cleanse her from all unrighteousness. I had to remember that.”

“But life isn’t a fairy tale, and we are not owed blissful happy endings. We are called to run the race marked out for us until we are called heavenward, and that, I was assuming,”

– Debra Moerke, Murder, Motherhood, and Miraculous Grace

Awards (based upon my brief research):
None yet.


My Overall Rating:
4.5 – Well rip my heart out. First, I read this book in 5% bursts while up at night with my son. I cannot recommend you read it while holding your baby. Waterworks. Every night.

Literally my only complaint about the book is that it got a little preachy at times. However, I could tell it was intentional, and I’m grateful there are people who are as audacious in sharing their faith as Debra. God was mentioned on almost every page.

I am so impressed with the things Debra has done with her life and so grateful she chose to share her story. I have hopes of one day doing foster care, and reading her story was a great reminder of the challenges that calling can bring but also of the opportunities it brings. Every new day is opportunity to be a light in this dark world. Debra lived into that in even the darkest of times. She forgave in a situation where many could likely not fathom forgiveness, and then she went further to extend a miraculous amount of grace because the Lord would want her to.

This book challenges its readers to consider where they might extend grace, where the Lord might be calling them to, or what the Lord might be showing them in their dark times. It’s not just for mothers. It’s for those who want or need to be reminded that God calls us to stations in our lives that are challenging and dark and fruitful and opportunistic. We choose where to go from there…

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