Book Review – The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

So, I had a baby, hence the Kindle purchase, because I am now a middle of the night reader in addition to a day time reader, because who needs sleep? One of the most exciting things I’ve found since being a Kindle owner/user is Amazon’s daily deals for e-Books. I pretty much check them every day. And then as a Prime member, I will choose no-rush shipping to get my digital rewards, and between my rewards and the daily deals, I’m getting free e-Books!

Book 41:
The Overdue Life of Amy Byler
by Kelly Harms

Chick Lit, Contemporary

May 2019

Synopsis According to Mandi:
Without spoilers, The Overdue Life of Amy Byler is the story of a single mom of two who finally catches a break when her ex-husband returns for a summer with the kids. Off to New York City for a convention, Amy reconnects with an old friend, meets new people, lets loose and learns a lot about herself and what she wants in life.

Favorite Quote(s):

“Some people have to practice forgiveness and will never be naturals. They’ll either do the work and get awesome at it but always have to think it over—or never do the work and die with a sack of hurts the size of an elephant.”

– Kelly Harms, The Overdue Life of Amy Byler

Awards (based upon my brief research):
None yet.


My Overall Rating:
3.5 – Sure, I was half asleep while reading most of this book, but I also found myself continuing to read at 2:00/3:00 in the morning even after my kiddo was done eating, so… the book was good. However, had I sat down and read this during the day, I think I would have found that I didn’t love, love, love it. It was perfect for a pick-it-up-and-read-a-bit situation. It’s light-hearted. The story flowed easily. But mostly, I thought the story was really cute – a feel good read with likable characters the author sets you up to love. Cute doesn’t make me love a book, but sometimes cute is good, too.

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