Book Review – The Wife Between US

The Wife Between Us

At it again, but back to square one (or book one, rather)! Book 1 of 2019 is Book Club’s January choice, and one I borrowed from the library, myself. 

Book 1:
The Wife Between US
by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen

Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Psychological thriller, Psychological Fiction, Domestic Fiction

January 2018

Synopsis According to Mandi:
Without spoilers, The Wife Between Us is about Vanessa’s (Nellie’s) failed marriage, her replacement and her battle in deciphering right from wrong. The story reveals the truths we’ll ignore when in love and the lengths we’ll go to in attempts to destroy someone’s happiness. 

Favorite Quote(s):

“I was happy, I think, but I wonder now if my memory is playing tricks on me. If it is giving me the gift of an illusion. We all layer them over our remembrances; the filters through which we want to see our lives.”

– Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen

Awards (based upon my brief research):
Nominated for Goodreads Choice Awards Best Mystery & Thriller


My Overall Rating:
2.5 – Written by the same authors as An Anonymous Girl, this one disappointed me. It claims to be a suspense/thriller, but I didn’t get those vibes until the last tenth of the book or so. The first nine tenths felt like a chick lit that wasn’t really going anywhere.The characters were believable and I think the plot had potential, I would have just preferred to have more time spent on the actually thrilling part of the story.