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Book Review – Emma in the Night

Emma in the Night

Thrillers… not my thing, but I have a confession: My problem with thrillers is that I love them too much. They pull me in. I have to know what happens. Like any story I read, I throw myself in and become a part of it, but thrillers are not stories I want to be a part of. So I avoid them until the Book Club girls choose one for our next book. Therefore, book 14…

Book Review – My Lullaby of You

My Lullaby of You

Amy, having just graduated high school, can’t wait to get out of town and get to Chicago where she’ll attend her dream college. Seth, one year away from finishing college, makes his way to that same town to tie up the lose ends of a relationship with his father and finally sort out his past. The two meet, interests are piqued, friendship quickly turns to love, but love turns to complications. Can Amy and Seth put the complications behind them and allow love to conquer while chasing the dreams of their future?