Drumroll Please

Mandi MG

Friends, it’s been so long since I’ve written publicly, but it’s time to put my hat back in the ring.

With fewer opportunities to write, I needed a solid next project – one that would push me and give me good traction.  I’m only laying the foundation of the project over here so far, so while this post is not the beginning of my next writing project, let it serve as the drumroll of what’s to come.

For two and a half years, I blogged here -> Why Things Are Like That for fun, and fun, it was, but here’s my warning about this next project: it’s not fun. This next project is about growth, and growth is hard. Here are some thing you will find in this next project:

  • honesty
  • pain
  • deep thoughts
  • shallow thoughts

Here are some things you will not (most likely) find:

  • crazy traveling adventures
  • lavish recipes
  • latest fashion trends
  • pictures of my dog

I hope this helps you envision what’s to come. (wink)


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