Meet Mandi

Meet Mandi

I’m going to be honest, I went back to Why Things Are Like That in hopes I had written some sort of introduction there that I could reuse because I’ve been staring at my screen for probably 10 minutes trying to decide how to introduce myself.

Here’s the thing, though, 2017 was kind of a wash. So here I sit, at the end of an entire year that I was not allowed to be myself, and I don’t even know how to introduce myself. Here are the things that are the very core of me right now:

  1. I live in Michigan.
  2. I’m a Christian.
  3. I got married in September of 2014.
  4. I had a baby in June of 2017.

But you probably want to know more than that? Here are some things that have, at some point, rang true about me:

  1. I studied Communications at Cornerstone University in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
  2. I like to be on time, organized and productive.
  3. I like to be active – biking, hiking, walking, cross country skiing.
  4. If I could be anything, it would be a writer. I love words, and grammar, and other nerdy things like syntax.
  5. I work part time from home for a non-profit, doing communications, marketing and IT.
  6. In my spare time, what I want to be doing is traveling, having new experiences and seeing new places.
  7. In my spare time, what I’m probably doing is trying to get my baby to giggle or reading.
  8. I have a dog.
  9. I was a cheerleader and a cheer coach and miss doing both dearly.
  10. I love the Olympic Games. Love them.

I’m sure you’ll learn more along the way in this next writing project – and maybe I will too as I learn how to be myself again!

Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned. The beginning of the next project is near!