Mom, Dad, We’re Having a Baby

Pregnancy Announcement


“Hopefully I remain in good health for the busy week ahead. This weekend was the most ill I’ve felt since being pregnant. I still didn’t throw up, but I almost wish I would have. It might have helped me feel better.”

I wrote the quote above in the Atlanta airport, on my way home from visiting one of my best friends who was also pregnant and already high risk herself. It was the last week of secret keeping, and we let the secret begin to trickle out, taking advantage of the face-to-face time I got to spend with two out-of-town friends while in Atlanta and my husband leaking the news to a family friend in Germany. 

One more sleep, one more day of work, and then an evening of visiting/calling all our immediate family to finally, finally, spill our happy news. 

When we got out of work, we picked up Jimmy John’s subs and headed to my parents where we released Charlie, our miniature pinscher, donning the “Lil’ Big Bro September ’17” t-shirt pictured below. Amidst surprises/celebrations at each of our stops and through each of our FaceTime conversations (thank goodness for today’s technology, huh?), we gave each family member a copy of our announcement picture (also pictured below).

Pregnancy Announcement

What I would call “the honeymoon phase” of our pregnancy – the days we could finally talk freely about it, and without worry – had begun. Throughout the next week, we continued to tell our friends, co-workers and extended family, and we learned our ability to keep a secret/hide a pregnancy was pretty top notch as not a single person had suspected we might be pregnant. 

On the 16th, I shared the following text on social media, accompanying the laundry image above:

This September will be extra sweet. Not only will we celebrate three years of marriage, but we’ll become a family of three. 

If only we would make it to September before our baby was born…

In the stats: 
Gestational Age: 12 weeks, 2 days
Days of blood: 4
Doctor’s Appointments: 1

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