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Book Review – Little Bee

Little Bee

Little Bee is about the intermingling stories of Little Bee, a Nigerian refugee and Sarah, a British journalist. When their paths cross on Sarah’s unlikely vacation to a beach in Nigeria, the two begin the process of learning what they would do to save their families, their selves and humanity. Two years later, skeletons in the closet, their paths cross once again and the two are lead to put into action their beliefs while watching fate play out. Can they save each other? Can they save themselves?

Book Review – All the Light We Cannot See

All the Light We Cannot See

All the Light We Cannot See is about a German orphan and a blind French girl and their crossing paths through WWII. Marie-Laure flees Nazi occupied Paris with her father and a dangerous jewel per her father’s role at the Museum of Natural History. Werner, having proven his worth to the reich, gets snatched up early and sent to battle for his ability to track down the resistance by using math and building/fixing tracking instruments. As their stories collide, the reader  learns of the demands of war, the desire to do good and the devastation greed and power can cause.