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It’s a win/Win

Please consider donating (and praying) to keep babies safe and provide the care they need to go home with their families.

This year our goal is $1500… that’s $1000/day Win spent in the NICU (36 hours). Can you donate $15? Or even $150? Your donation is a win/Win. It supports March of Dimes, and it makes Win happy.

There Goes the Mojo

It’s the morning of Wednesday, February 6, just two days after I made my appointment to meet a new lady doctor, and my period is now three days late. I’ve been late before – it’s not the craziest thing to happen – but this time I’m feeling anxious because of all the conversations we’d been having about the prep work that needed to be done before considering getting pregnant again. 

Kind of Like My Christmas Letter

As my faithful followers should know, 2019 brought the pregnancy and birth of my son. I’ve danced back and forth on the decision of whether or not to share his story here and I find myself landing on the side of “do it”… So here’s the plan for my 2020 project – Yes, I will be telling the story of my second pregnancy. We’ll call it the third installment after the pregnancy and preemie stories of 2017 told in 2018.



For every minute I sat alone with my pump, every time I washed the pump parts, every discomfort I felt in having an oversupply of breastmilk, every tear I cried through our breastfeeding battle, I found redemption in the opportunity to not only feed my child, but her NICU roommates as well.

Merriest Christmas

Merriest Christmas

By Christmas, we’d landed in a much better place. Still not on the growth chart, Oaklee was maintaining her own curve.

Let Oaklee be Oaklee.

Aside from the Haakaa breast pump, I was only pumping once or twice a day – only when Oaklee was taking a full feed (roughly 125ml; approximately 4.25oz) by bottle. In just under 6 months, we finally made it to the place I’d anticipated starting. Oaklee was an exclusive breastfeeder; I was a part-time working mama who could potentially only pump 6 times per week. This is what we fought for.

Hail to the Victor?

Hail to the Victor?

We’d come leaps and bounds in nursing since Thanksgiving. I’d made the commitment to be done with the battle by the end of the year, whatever that looked like. And then I charged forward, trying any new thing to get Oaklee to nurse better. 

I can’t say which one thing it was that helped us turn a corner. In retrospect, my husband and I are shocked by the determination I had, and often attribute the progress to that. However, I’d been determined for almost 6 months – if that were all we needed, it seemed like things would have changed earlier.