I’d Like to Thank the Academy

Ski Trip


“I can’t believe we’ve kept the secret this long. So. Hard.”

Being nine weeks pregnant on a friends’ weekend away to northern Michigan is rough. We went up north to Glen Arbor to ski and go wine tasting, two things I could not do, being pregnant. The weather wasn’t ideal for winter activities, so while I did manage to get out on my cross country skis once, what’s more impressive is that I managed to hide the fact that I wasn’t drinking… for an entire weekend… where people went wine tasting.

How did I work my magic? The answer is three-fold.

1 – My drink of choice was “apple cider and fireball” (sans fireball of course), though I did bring fireball, and I did get it out and put it away several times. Really, I just drank half a gallon of apple cider all by myself over the course of about 24 hours. The sugar. Oh, the sugar. When offered a glass of wine, I said, “Sure, just a half glass though,” and held onto it long enough to make people believe I’d been working on it before handing it over to my husband to finish off. I couldn’t be double fisting with my “spiked” apple cider, now could I?

2 – When the girls started getting ready to head out to go wine tasting, I needed a reason to stay behind. My reason didn’t feel very believable, but it worked in the end. I acted as though I was between going and staying, when, really, I knew I could not go. I stayed back because “I wanted to get out on my cross country skis once more and the snow was quickly melting away”. Luckily for me, the poor skiing weather played into my needs.

3 – When we paid a visit to a meadery on the way home (one that I absolutely love, by the way), while our friends tasted various meads and my husband filled our howler, I stood off to the side taste-testing various flavors of honey, and picking one out to take home. I was oh, so interested in that honey. And you know what? We still have that jar of honey today, unopened. Thanks for being the decoy – I bet you’re delicious, but you’re not mead. Maybe we’ll get to you this year.

Weekend away with friends aside, we also had our first pre-natal appointment, which was really just a consultation with a nurse where they pretty much tell you not to drink or smoke while pregnant. Um, ok, got it.

In other news, just over two weeks and we would finally get to spill our secret!

In the stats: 
Gestational Age: 9 weeks, 4 days

P.S. As we get further along into this, you’ll realize how crazy it was that I could go from February 6 to February 22 with no updates due to an uneventful two weeks.

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