The Review of the Ultrasound

ultrasound review


“The whole waiting thing is wretchedly rough…”

Moving on from the joys of gender reveal, on the 10th, I took the call from my doctor we’d been waiting on. Our ultrasound had been reviewed, and there appeared to be changes happening in there.

At the time, it was believed the previa had cleared but left behind a massive clot. They found “flecks” in the amniotic fluid, alluding to blood being within the amniotic sac. Despite an abruption causing blood loss, blood should never be within the amniotic sac, so where was this coming from? They really couldn’t say.

We were referred to a perinatologist (a high risk ob-gyn/maternal-fetal medicine specialist) who would work in conjunction with my doctor to figure out the implications of these new findings. However, that appointment wouldn’t be until the 25th of May.

After sorting through the news from my doctor for two days, replaying the conversation over and over again in my mind, trying to make sense of what she’d told me, I called her back and begged, make the perinatologist appointment sooner. We need answers. But the truth is, at this gestational age, there’s no point in an earlier appointment. Sure, my womb was all but shutting down, but my baby was still thriving, and as long as she was thriving, there was no reason to change our course.

So we wait. I bleed. I cry. I pray. We wait.


In the stats: 
Gestational Age: 20 weeks 4 days
Days of blood: 18
Days of bedrest: 35
Doctor’s Appointments: 7
Ultrasounds: 3

P.S. The picture for this post is at 20 weeks. Somehow, as I plotted all of this out – posts, pictures, quotes and stats – the one good picture of my husband and myself during our pregnancy did not make the cut given it really doesn’t speak into our pregnancy story. So, here, let me share it so you know I looked cute at least once in the time I was pregnant…

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