36 Days to the March

Could you donate a dollar per hour ($36 total) Win spent in the NICU?

Even the smallest donations help the smallest babes.

A COVID-19 update (have you had enough of those?) – I am so disappointed that the March for Babies, among most things in life these days, has been cancelled. While much of life has felt unstable, the same needs for moms and babies remain – the work of March of Dimes is no less important with the presence of COVID-19 (if anything, it’s MORE important). 

However, I can acknowledge that right now your hearts might be more heavily inclined to donate in other directions as some people are being denied basic needs. Donate to the organizations who are continuing to feed our community’s kids who rely on free and reduced lunches at school. Order takeout to eat the food the restaurants already have, help the employees who are losing their jobs as they knew them, and keep the doors of our favorite local joints open. Order curbside pickup from the shop your neighbor just opened and now might be struggling to keep open. Give extra to your church, as some are now unable to give the money your church might have been relying on.

And if you have extra, please consider still helping me reach that $1500 goal – we are SO close!


We’re just 36 days away from our 3rd March for Babies (though this one will look much different from the others)! If you’ve been tracking with me, you might know that 36 is a special number for us – Win spent 36 hours (1.5 days) in the NICU. Please help us continue our mission to donate $1500 to March of Dimes for Win’s 1.5 days spent in the NICU! We’re getting close!

While 36 hours is nothing in comparison to Oaklee’s 69 days, those first 36 hours are absolutely crucial to the health and bonding of baby and mom. For the first 12 hours, I was not allowed to hold or feed Win. It was excruciating and, to be honest, I’m still furious about it. 

While we think it might have been possible, we’ll never know if Win could have thrived without a NICU visit. Our hospital followed protocol, as they’re meant to do, and sent Win to a place that could help him immediately should his low blood sugar become an emergency. Win only improved in his time there, but many (if not most) NICU babies face tumultuous stays. The NICU is a place of ups and downs and it takes a significant toll on families. 

When you join my donation to March for Babies you stand with me and thousands of people across the country who share your commitment to building a brighter future for us all.

You raise money to expand programs and educate medical professionals to make sure moms and babies get the best possible care. You advocate for policies that prioritize their health. You fund research to find solutions to the biggest health threats. And you support moms like me through every stage of the pregnancy journey, even when things don’t go according to plan.

Could you donate a dollar per hour ($36 total) Win spent in the NICU?

Even the smallest donations help the smallest babes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who’ve already given…
Grandpa and Grandma G
Aunt Jenna and Uncle Josh
Aunt Sharon and Uncle George
Ryan and Becky Grasmeyer
Dan and Claire Larabel
Bill and Emily Madsen
Alesha and Jeremy Schut
Anne Jansingh 
Colleen Kondratek
Ethan Dean
Sarah Potter
Catherine Vlieger
Dale Waite

P.S. If you need a reminder of what March of Dimes does (and their further impact on our lives, personally), click here.