36 Hours to the March

Could you donate a dollar per hour ($36 total) Win spent in the NICU?

Even the smallest donations help the smallest babes.


We’re just 36 hours away from our 3rd (and this time virtual) March for Babies! These 36 hours will go fast. It’s just a day and a half. But say you had to spend them in your personal hell with the thing you loved the most just inches from your grasp. Time might drag. Tears might fall. Turmoil might rule.

For Win’s first 12 hours in this world, I was not allowed to hold or feed him. I could only look at him through the plexiglass of a NICU isolette. In these next 12 hours today, my husband and I will take turns rocking Win to sleep the multiple times he wakes up in the middle of the night. I will most likely feed him four times. He’ll smile at us. He’ll snuggle with us. He’ll feel secure with us. 

In the 24 hours that followed Win’s first 12, we fought tooth and nail to get him discharged from the NICU while I, myself, struggled to even walk the hall to the bathroom on my own on account of having just had the major surgery that is a cesarean section. In the 24 hours that follow these next 12 today, our family will play, enjoy time outside, share meals together, go through our bedtime routine and wake up to walk our virtual March for Babies in the comfort of our own neighborhood as a family of four. 

36 hours looks different on the outside. Will you donate to the March for Babies to make it look different on the inside, too? 

When you join my donation to March for Babies you stand with me and thousands of people across the country who share your commitment to building a brighter future for us all.

You raise money to expand programs and educate medical professionals to make sure moms and babies get the best possible care. You advocate for policies that prioritize their health. You fund research to find solutions to the biggest health threats. And you support moms like me through every stage of the pregnancy journey, even when things don’t go according to plan.

Could you donate a dollar per hour ($36 total) Win spent in the NICU?

As of tonight we met our goal of $1500 right on the dot! I’m so proud of my friends and family who rallied. But I would love to be able to give more still!

Even the smallest donations help the smallest babes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who’ve already given…
Grandpa and Grandma G
Grandpa and Grandma Merritt
Aunt Jenna and Uncle Josh
Aunt Sharon and Uncle George
Ryan and Becky Grasmeyer
Dan and Claire Larabel
Bill and Emily Madsen
Betsy and Eli Cromwell
Alesha and Jeremy Schut
Mandy Scott
Sarah Stuitje
Anne Jansingh 
Erica Osman
Colleen Kondratek
Ethan Dean
Sarah Potter
Catherine Vlieger
Dale Waite

P.S. If you need a reminder of what March of Dimes does (and their further impact on our lives, personally), click here.